Wasp Control Salt Lake City and Park City


Wasp Control – Salt Lake City & Park City

Pest Pro technicians are trained to help with your wasp problem in Salt Lake City and Park City Utah. We guarantee our wasp treatment is safe and effective. The three most common types of wasps that you will have issues with are Yellowjackets, Paper Wasps, Mud Daubers.

The cost of the wasp treatment depends on the type of wasp it is. One of our trained technicians can identify the insect and treat it accordingly.

Paper Wasps

• Paper Wasps tend to be less aggressive. Usually, they only sting when they or their nests are in danger. Their nests are generally found hanging from eaves of homes, fences, etc.

Mud Daubers

• Mud Daubers get their name from the nests they make. They make their nests out of mud and are generally found on walls. They have skinnier bodies than paper wasps and Yellowjackets and like paper wasps, they are less aggressive than Yellowjackets.


• Yellowjackets are significantly more aggressive than Paper Wasps and Mud Daubers. They tend to have larger nests and larger colonies. Most of the time they make their nests underground or inside walls.

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