Gopher Control Salt Lake City and Park City

Do you live in the Salt Lake or Park City area? Seeing mounds or holes in your yard and wondering if you might need gopher control treatment? Then Pest Pro gopher control for Salt Lake and Park City is for you! Our professional gopher treatment is not only effective but is guaranteed. They are also completely safe for both humans and pets.

Gophers are herbivores that eat grasses, roots, shrubs, and trees, which can be a nightmare for your landscape. If you have mounds of dirt popping up in your yard between six inches and two feet in diameter, it is most likely gophers. In addition to tearing through your lawn and gardens, they can chew through phone, irrigation, and other utility lines. A single gopher can make up to 30 mounds a month, therefore, causing notable damage. Another identifier is that gophers will usually close the entrance to their tunnel with a soil plug so you probably won’t see a hole in the mound.

gopher control salt lake city

Gopher mounds

Six-Week Treatment Guarantee

We value customer satisfaction, which is why we guarantee all of our work. You are guaranteed for six weeks to make sure we dealt with all of the gophers that were in your yard. We ask that you allow our procedure one week after our initial visit to take effect. If you see any gopher activity after one week, give us a call and we will gladly come back out and get it taken care of for free. Generally, we are able to get rid of them in just one gopher treatment.

For gopher control in Salt Lake or Park City, choose Pest Pro.

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