Cockroach Control Salt Lake City and Park City


Do you need Cockroach Control in Salt Lake or Park City?

There are two main types of cockroaches that we see in Salt Lake City and the Park City areas. The type of cockroach treatment depends on which species you are having trouble with. These types are the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach.

The German cockroach is brown and about a half of an inch in length with two black stripes on its head. They are mostly seen in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

The oriental cockroach is a black and a bigger roach. The adults get to be a bit larger than an inch in length. They typically are in the basement and lower levels of homes and businesses. They require quarterly cockroach control maintenance to keep them out of your house since they live outside.

German Cockroach Control Salt Lake

We do three cockroach control treatments, three weeks apart for German cockroaches. Each treatment is a thorough service that requires you to remove all the items from the kitchen and bathroom cupboards.  After the first treatment, you will need to leave the house for two hours and upon your return open the windows for half an hour.

If by chance, you see any german cockroaches after the initial two weeks of your third appointment, we will come back for free within the 2-month time frame.

For small infestations that have just begun, oriental cockroach treatment can take care of it. Our one-time treatments are guaranteed for 6 weeks (to guarantee the eradication of the current cockroach population).

If by chance, you see any cockroaches after the initial two weeks, we will come back for free within the 6-week time frame.

When dealing with larger, more established infestations, we recommend our oriental cockroach maintenance plan. This plan is especially recommended if you are seeing cockroaches consistently throughout your home.  Maintenance plans are always guaranteed as long as you are actively doing the quarterly cockroach treatments.


Be really, really clean! Cockroaches need food and water to survive. Without water a roach may only live a week or two and without any food the roach may die within a month.  Reducing the amount of food and water causes the roach population to become stressed. The adult cockroaches will start to eat the younger roaches, females will stop laying eggs, and the whole roach population will be more susceptible to the insecticides. Cleanliness is the only sure way to get rid of cockroaches!

–          No food left out.

–          Sweep and mop the floors. No grime in the corners. Sweep and mop under stove and refrigerator.

–          No grease on the walls, stove, side of refrigerator, or ceiling.

–          Clean and wipe up after eating.

–          No food or water left in the sink.

–          No drips in sinks.

–          Take garbage to dumpster regularly.

–          Vacuum once a week.

Oriental Cockroach Control

We treat your full house and then come in a month and treat again for free. This back-to-back treatment kills all the live insects and then makes sure there is enough insecticide to kill any babies that may hatch. This breaks the life cycle of the cockroach population. After that, we treat the exterior quarterly to make a barrier so no more cockroaches can come back inside.

With doing this yearly maintenance, we will come back anytime you see cockroaches in between appointments for free.

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