Boxelder Bug Control Salt Lake City and Park City


Boxelder Bug Control – Salt Lake

We provide comprehensive and effective boxelder bug control treatments in Salt Lake and Park City. We treat the full exterior and around the windows and doors on the interior of your house. Some trees that may attract boxelder bugs are scrub oak, boxelder, ash, or maple trees. If you have one of these trees or something else suspected of attracting boxelder bugs, we can treat it as well. This will kill all the boxelder bugs and give you relief from these overwhelming insects.

The boxelder bugs that are on your house will die within one day after the treatment. But, more will continue to fly on your house during the next couple of weeks from the surrounding area. Once these bugs land, they will die within one day. Typically after two weeks, it will kill the population that was around your house.

Treatment Options:

Two-series Treatment (6-week guarantee):

The two series treatment consists of two treatments, three weeks apart. This back-to-back treatment kills all the live insects and then makes sure there is enough insecticide to kill any babies that may hatch. This breaks the life cycle of the boxelder bug population. Our two series treatments are guaranteed for six weeks, after the second treatment to guarantee the eradication of the current boxelder bug population.

Maintenance Plan (always guaranteed):

When dealing with larger, more established infestations, we recommend our boxelder bug maintenance plan.  This plan is especially recommended if you are seeing boxelder bugs consistently throughout your yard, home, and neighborhood. Maintenance plans are always guaranteed as long as you are actively doing the quarterly boxelder bug treatments.

We schedule four visits during the season. With doing this yearly maintenance, we will come back anytime you see boxelder bugs in between appointments for free.

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