Bed Bug Control Salt Lake City and Park City


In Salt Lake City / Park City we provide bed bug control to homes on a daily basis. In order to exterminate bed bugs, we need to put insecticide everywhere they hide. Pest Pro treats all the baseboards, the sides of the mattresses, the box springs, the frames of the beds, the nightstands, the bottom of the chest-of-drawers, the cracks and crevices of the sofas and anywhere else we would suspect them to be hiding. Bed bugs are hard to find, as they are nocturnal and can fit in crevices as thin as a business card.

All of your bed bug issues can be taken care of with our comprehensive bed bug treatment. The first step is identification. The following information is to help you identify whether or not you have bed bugs:

To detect bed bugs you’ll have to look very closely, and even then, they can be difficult to identify.  A fully grown bed bug will be approximately 1/4″, which is roughly the size of an apple seed.  Their eggs are white in color and as small as the head of a pin.

Bed bugs can spread quickly and easily. Usually, they are brought home by a suitcase, clothes, or previously used furniture. They are not active throughout the day and will hide in crevices as small as a business card thickness. Their hiding spots are most likely in or on a human’s bed, but can also be found in several other places in the room such as the baseboards, walls, and even electrical outlets.  Bed bugs can remain dormant if there isn’t a source of blood available to them.

Need Bed Bug Control in Salt Lake / Park City?

Their bites leave a red itchy bump. You will probably start to accumulate multiple bites before you think that you might have a bed bug infestation.  Aside from their bites,  you may see molted skins and/or fecal matter; which are little red-ish- brown-ish spots in the folds of the mattress.  You should inspect the mattress, sheets, box spring and bed frame, underneath the bed, and other common places for bed bugs thoroughly.

If you spot a bed bug or think that you may be infested, we’re here to solve your problem. Pest Pro has years of experience with bed bugs and knows how to properly exterminate them. Pest Pro has helped many people with their bed bug issues in Salt Lake City, and we take pride in being to deal with bed bugs efficiently and effectively for our customers.

Please do the following steps before your appointment:

  • Straighten your home so that we can get to the majority of the baseboards.
  • Remove bedding from beds.
  • Clear items from under beds.
  • Clear items from the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers.
  • Move night stands out completely.
  • Move the items in the bottom of the closets to the center so we can spray the baseboards.