Ant Control Salt Lake City and Park City


Ant Control – Salt Lake City / Park City

Utah has a variety of ants, all of which can be taken care of with our guaranteed comprehensive ant treatment for Salt Lake City and Park City Utah areas. The most common type of ant you will find in your home or business are pavement and carpenter ants.

Pavement ants are small, about a 1/4 inch in length, blackish-brown in color, and have pale legs and antennae. Pavement ants like to nest under rocks and pavement or concrete slabs. It is when you have one of these ideal nesting locations next to your home when the ants become a pest problem. Pavement ants commonly forage homes in the summer, but if their nest is in close proximity to a home, foraging can be seen year-round.

While carpenter ants are larger ants about 3/8 inch in length and are black to dark brown in color. Carpenter ants make their nests in wood, however, they do not eat the wood. If you have carpenter ants you will see coarse sawdust at the opening of the nest. These ants eat dead insects, insect honeydew, and other materials.

How we treat:

In our ant treatment, we control the infestation by spraying the baseboards on the interior and the foundation on the exterior.  Additionally, we will gladly address any other problem areas inside/out for you.  This will set up a strong preventative barrier against the ants. Humans and all warm-blooded animals are safe for every chemical we use. We just ask that you let it dry for an hour and a half before touching where we have treated.

Ant infestations that have just moved into your home or building can be exterminated rather quickly. If it is a small new infestation, one treatment may be all it takes to get kill the colony. The longer the infestation has been in the building the larger the colony has become and the harder it is to get rid of them.

Ant Control Treatment Options for Salt Lake / Park City

Two Series Treatment (6 weeks Guaranteed):

The two-series treatment consists of two treatments, three weeks apart. This back-to-back treatment kills all the live insects and then makes sure there is enough insecticide to kill any babies that may hatch. This breaks the life cycle of the ant population. Our two series treatments are guaranteed for six weeks, after the second treatment to guarantee the eradication of the current ant population.

Maintenance Plan (always guaranteed):

When dealing with larger, more established infestations, we recommend our ant maintenance plan.  Maintenance plans are always guaranteed as long as you are actively doing the quarterly ant treatments.

We treat your full house and then come back in three weeks and treat again for free.  After that, we treat the exterior quarterly to make a barrier so no more ants can come back inside.

With doing this yearly maintenance, we will come back anytime you see ants in between appointments for free.