Salt Lake City Mice / Mouse Control


Salt Lake City has a few different types of mice that love to live off of the scraps of food found in our homes. Pest Pro knows the ins and outs of mice and how to get rid of them. Give us a call and we will be happy to help! 801-810-7378

When the weather starts getting cold and food sources are scarce, mice start to scavenge our houses for the much needed scrap. Mice can fit though a 1/4″ hole and climb right up the side of a house, so getting inside may not pose much of a problem.

Pest Pro offers two types of mice treatments. We offer a one-time treatment that is guaranteed for a month. We guarantee to get rid of the mice that are in your house and on the off chance that you do hear or see a mouse we will come back and see what changes need to be made for free. This option is great if you haven’t had a problem in the past and are only seeing a couple of mice.

Our other option is a maintenance program which is recommended if you have had mice issues in the past or live in an area with a large mouse population. We set up our boxes inside and put large bait boxes on the exterior of the house. The boxes on the inside will get rid of the interior population and the boxes on the outside will take care of the mice before they can get inside. We come out quarterly and check and replace the bait in the exterior boxes so you won’t have a mouse issue again.

For either of the options Pest Pro will look to find the mice entrances. While we are there, if you would like we can give you a price of what it would take to seal up the holes to further mouse proof your home. If you have a mouse problem, we can help. Call us today – (801)810-7378.

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