Insect Control

Insect Control – Salt Lake City and Park City Areas

Salt Lake City and Park City insect control spraying services.Salt Lake City, Utah has a variety of insects that can potentially invade our homes and businesses. Pest Pro’s insect control will keep you free from spiders, ants, boxelder bugs, wasps,  cockroaches and many other different insects. We use a family and pet safe treatment. Pest Pro will treat inside and outside of the home to make sure no insect crawls into your home or business.

Pest Pro has studied insects and their behaviors. We know the best insect control methods to get rid of them and how to make sure they do not come back. We put customer satisfaction above all else, and that is why we guarantee all the work that we do. If you are not satisfied within the warranty period we will re-treat for free. If you have an insect problem we would love to help.


If you pay for services online, please allow 1 business day for our offices to call and schedule your appointment(s).  Thanks!

Our insect control specialties include:

Spider Treatment
Ant Treatment
Cockroach Treatment
Bed Bug Treatment
Boxelder Bug Treatment
Beetle Treatment (including Carpet Beetles)
Earwig Treatment

Insecticide Labels and MSDS’s 

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