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Raccoon Control – Salt Lake City

Angry raccoon showing need for raccoon control.

Raccoon control is becoming an ever-increasing problem in Salt Lake City and Park City Utah. They are not native to our state, they thrive here nonetheless. They have adapted to live close to humans quite well. In urban areas raccoons will usually make their dens in chimneys and under houses. Raccoons are usually nocturnal and omnivorous. They will scavenge pet food left outdoors and rummage through garbage looking for food.

Raccoons can carry many different types of diseases like rabies, distemper, mange and carry parasites including lice, fleas, ticks and roundworm. Eighty percent of raccoons that have been tested in Utah have been exposed to rabies as indicated by the presence of rabies titer, which is why raccoon control is so essential.

Here at Pest Pro we have studied raccoons and their behaviors. We use a few methods when dealing with raccoons.

If you pay for services online, please allow 1 business day for our offices to call and schedule your appointment(s).  Thanks!

Each treatment cost depends on the raccoon location:

Yard Treatments

Raccoons typically take shelter and make their den in your yard.  First, we will locate where the raccoon is entering its den. Second, we will see if the raccoon is in it’s den, if it’s not, we will seal it closed. Then we will set up 2 raccoon traps.  You will need to check the traps twice a day.  Raccoons normally get trapped either the same day or within the next few days following the set up.  Once it has been trapped, give us a call and we will retrieve the raccoon(s).

You may have the traps for up to one month.  After one month, we will come retrieve the traps.  We can not trap on Friday night, Saturday, Sundays or holidays because Pest Pro is not open to come retrieve the raccoon(s).  We are trained to catch them quickly and humanely.

Raccoon Trap: $50/ to set up traps

Raccoon Pick Up: $100/ per raccoon caught and to take away

Chimney Treatments

Sometimes raccoons will climb into the chimney of your home for shelter.  If this is the case, we can evict them and then install a chimney cap to prevent raccoons from being able to get back into the chimney.

Chimney Raccoon Eviction: $250

Chimney Cap: $85/ per chimney


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Yard – Raccoon Trap: $50/ for 2 Traps, Yard – Raccoon Pickup: $100/ per Raccoon caught, Chimney – Snake Away Initial: $175/ per chimney, Chimney – Chimney Cap: $75/ per chimney