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Mouse Control – Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City and Park City areas have a few different types of mice. Pest Pro can take care of all mice with our mouse treatment, guaranteed.

For our mouse control package, first the technician will inspect to see if he can find food sources. If he finds food sources he will recommend ways of securing the food so the mice can’t get into it any longer. Sometimes this is an issue and sometimes it’s not, but if it is an issue we definitely need to address it.

Then the technician will place professional grade bait stations with professional grade bait. This is what is going to eradicate the mouse population.

Lastly, the technician will inspect the exterior of the house to try and find entry points. They are equipped seal up smaller holes and smaller projects and can take care of that right then. If it is a larger project, they will at least show you what they would recommend and we have a handyman that could give you a quote if it goes that route.




Q: What is your guarantee?

A:  We have a six-week guarantee to make sure we eradicated the population that is there. We ask you give it seven days for the bait to do it’s job. Then after the seven days if you see mice, signs of mice or hear them we will come out and see what is going on and make sure we are getting rid of them.

Q:  Are the bait stations safe for children and pets?

A: The bait stations require a key to open them up so they are safe for children, small dogs and cats. A larger dog can chew into them. In this case the technician will place the bait stations in locations where the dog can’t get, like under the sink and behind the stove.

Q: What is the difference between this poison and store bought poison?

A: Usually we are called in when people can’t get rid of the mouse issue on their own. The mice love this poison and usually prefer it over store bought poison. It also dries them up quickly so they won’t smell for long. D-con, for instance, can take the mice over a month to dry up and they smell this entire time.

Q: What if the mice die in our walls?

A: Our bait dries them up quickly. Usually it’s a two week process that starts out with a little smell then gets worse for a couple days, then the smell starts to dissipate, then is gone.

Q: Why don’t we use snap traps?

A:  Snap traps take ongoing maintenance, which greatly increases the price of the treatment. Bait stations require little maintenance and can take care of a large population quickly.

Q: What if my dog or cat eats a mouse that has been poisoned?

A:  Dogs and cats can eat a few mice before we are worried. As long as you feed your dog or cat daily and they aren’t required to find their own food we don’t have to be concerned.

Pay for and schedule a mouse treatment here online, or give us a call and we can setup a convenient time for you! (801)810-7378



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One Time Treatment – Under 3000 sq ft House, One Time Treatment – 3001 – 4000 sq ft House, One Time Treatment – 4001 – 5500 sq ft House, Maintenance – Under 3000 sq ft House, Maintenance – 3001 – 4000 sq ft House, Maintenance – 4001 – 5500 sq ft House


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